"Why is the agent getting paid a commission if they're not doing anything? You don't just get paid because you're writing insurance; you get paid because you help service it. So we make service calls to each client at least every three months just to say, 'How is everything going?"

the hailstone difference:
a passion for solving people's problems

Problems with Cost

The continuously rising cost of health care is one of any employer's biggest headaches. The least expensive insurance policies may cost you down the road, as your employees run up against big deductables, hidden exclusions, low coverage limits and denied claims -- and leave you for a company with better benefits. But the cost of the most generous policies may turn your profits into losses. Our mission is to look at the health conditions of your people and the size of your budget, take into account the unforeseen, and find the best possible value for your company and your employees.

Problems with Coverage

Insurance is hard to understand. Policies are written in legal-ese. Provisions are all different and almost always confusing. Exclusions and limitations seem to go on endlessly. And carriers may change plan designs two or three times a year. Understanding and keeping up with all this specialized and highly detailed information is a full time job -- and not one that can be effectively done by anyone who doesn't enjoy it. But we do. Our people have worked for carriers. We know how they work and how they think. We know what they can and can't really do. We know when to follow up rather then waiting for a call back, how to be persistent and persuasive -- and how to get results.

Problems with Service

With most insurance agencies, you'll only hear from your agent at renewal time. Many will send you a Christmas or birthday card, but that's about it. If you have problems with coverage or claims, once you finally get a human on the line, they'll give you the carrier's 800 number and wish you luck. But not Hailstone. We answer our phones personally. Every person in our office is licensed, capable and willing to help you with whatever concern you may have. Our years of experience, our inside knowledge and our leverage with carriers are all there for you, every time you call. And we never ask clients to do for themselves what we could do for them.

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