a passion for people...

Hailstone Insurance provides group medical, dental, and life insurance -- with a difference.

Give us fifteen minutes, and we'll give your employees a lifetime of health and security. We listen to what your company needs from an insurance plan. Then we sort through numerous quality insurance carriers to find the one that best fits your needs ... and your budget.

We act as your advocate with the carrier, using our years of experience and inside knowledge to cut through complex policy provisions and bureaucratic red tape to get your claims paid on a timely basis.

We're always in touch, checking back with you throughout the year to make sure you're receiving the level of service you deserve; alerting you to the latest insurance issues that could affect your staff and your bottom line. We're there in person, every business hour, to answer your questions.

And when renewal time comes, we review your needs and your budget from scratch to make sure that the policy you have is still the best one for your group.

Because at Hailstone, we don't just have a passion for insurance. We have a passion for people.

"I've always admired Lynn for her passion for her clients. She does not look at the size of the client when she goes to bat for them. She looks at the principle of the matter at hand and will always go the extra mile for her client. She is ethical, passionate and driven. Her clients see that in their dealings with her, and that is why they choose Hailstone Insurance Group to service their accounts."

Jill Dillard
Hailstone Insurance Group